The World's Greatest Treasure Hunt

Why Breast Cancer?

Ron's sister-in-law developed breast cancer after becoming pregnant. She was given the option to abort the baby, take chemotherapy and radiation and potentially hurt the baby, or choose to do nothing and take the baby as far along as possible, and undergo treatment after the delivery. She chose the latter, and the doctors took the baby at 25 weeks. Unfortunately the cancer had spread throughout her body and she passed away the day after her little girl was born.

This story is very tragic and one that Ron's family continues to suffer a great deal of pain from. But this is only one story of thousands of how breast cancer and cancer in general affects peoples' lives every day around the world.

As an entrepreneur, Ron knew he had another choice to make. He could choose to do nothing and try to live a very happy and contented life for himself. Or he could choose to make his life, and everything he does, count for something greater. He realized if someone had taken the steps years ago to fund cancer research in the same way he is proposing to do now, his sister-in-law may still be alive. He hopes that what is achieved through The World's Greatest Treasure Hunt™, will result in a cure and prevent other families from going through the devastating effect of losing a loved one far too soon.