The World's Greatest Treasure Hunt

The Book

In creating The World's Greatest Treasure Hunt™ book, which acts as a guide to cracking the clues for the $1 million treasure, Ron aimed to allow the reader to embark on an adventure looking for real treasure. Ron envisioned a competition much like The Amazing Race or Survivor where anybody who wanted to compete for a million dollar prize could do so.

From his experience of spending literally hundreds of hours searching and driving to locations hundreds of miles away, he wanted to give people who participate in this treasure hunt the ability to know that when they find the answer they can simply email it in with their answer and get a response telling them if they are correct. People won't have to look in physical places in order to guess where it is.

In addition to telling them if they have the correct answer, Ron and his team will also help the winner by paying up to $1,500 to reimburse them for their actual travel costs to go and recover the hidden treasure. In doing so, they hope to enable anyone to participate and have a fair chance to win any of the hidden treasures.

The ultimate goal of this treasure hunt is to have a lot of fun answering the codes and puzzles in the pursuit of the treasure. In addition, Ron hopes to make an impact in the world of breast cancer research.