The World's Greatest Treasure Hunt

Hunt for the Cause

Today Ron is channeling all his time, energy and personal financial resources toward an exciting initiative: The World's Greatest Treasure Hunt™:Quest for the Golden Eagle , with a goal of raising $100 million for breast cancer research.

In a four year period, fifteen of Ron's family members and close personal friends died, including his mother, brother and sister-in-law. During the same period of time, Ron himself suffered a broken neck and severe concussion in a car accident involving a drunk driver. All of these events have strengthened his resolve to make a significant impact on the world and the people around him.

Both his father and uncle had colon cancer successfully removed. His brother died from pancreatic cancer and his sister-in-law died from breast cancer. Ron aims to utilize his passion for treasure hunting combined with his desire to find a cure for breast cancer to ultimately raise funds for research in early detection, prevention and cure for a disease which affects millions of families.