Past Hunts

The Golden Skull

After I had finished a brief three year stint in the Naval reserves as a Navigation Officer, there was a local businessman who had put on a treasure hunt for a $150,000 Golden Skull. The treasure hunt was located more than 200 miles away from where I lived and so every time I wanted to search for the skull I had to drive more than 400 miles round trip and spend an entire weekend working on my latest thoughts of where the skull was hidden. It was not only frustrating but very expensive. I made the round trip more than 35 times and I dragged every friend I had along at one time or another.

During the hunt I found that it wasn't only me who was interested in finding this treasure. People from all over the United States and Canada came to look for the same treasure. Young and old, university graduate or not, city or country folk alike wanted to search for this treasure.

I was hot on the heels of winning it, in fact, and at one point I believe I was only 20 feet away from where it was eventually found. This really frustrated me.