Past Hunts

Employing Friends

The next treasure hunt that I played was through another local radio station. It was for a treasure chest of local businesses prizes and another Diamond ring from a local jeweler, Brian Lee. The package was worth about $7,500, and the radio gave a new clue every day and a new treasure map every week. When all of the clues and maps were out I was still not sure that I had the correct answer.

By now I was working hard at cutting lawns and washing windows to put myself through college so I did not have the time to figure everything out. I knew that there were 20 possible answers. I could not figure out how many paces there was from the starting point to the finish point. One of the clues led me to believe that it was less than 21 paces.

So I paid a good friend of mine to fill out the entry forms for all of the possible combinations that it could be (there was no limit on how many times you could enter). Now, you would think that I was just being lazy to get him to fill out 20 entries - I could do that myself, right? But I really wanted to win this so I looked at how many places there were to enter: there were 20. I figured that if I got my friend to fill out 20 forms for each of the possible entry places that would give me the best chance to win the contest. So I got him to fill out 400 entry forms with my name on it and then I took them around to the entry barrels at every one of the 20 sponsoring businesses.

I got a call from the radio station about 3 days after the contest ended letting me know that I had won the grand prize. I was ecstatic. They came to my house and presented me with all of the prizes. Before I had a chance to ask them about how many other people entered, they mentioned that they really liked my strategy. They went through all of the entries and separated all of the correct ones from the incorrect ones. When it was done, they had a pile of 20 correct answers, all with the name "Ron Shore" on them. They had a good laugh when I told them my strategy for winning.

The final answer turned out to be "twenty paces to the north east of the nose shaped curve on..." It turned out that 1-19 paces was incorrect.