Rescue on the Fraser River - Abbotsford man among rescue trio

Ron Shore has received a bravery award from the Lifesaving Society.

The Abbotsford News
Ron Shore

March 13, 2013

Chilliwack’s Dan and Luke Bergmann along with Ron Shore of Abbotsford were among 21 recipients of bravery awards presented Saturday in Vancouver.

The Lifesaving Society hosted the 100th annual Honour and Rescue Award Ceremony at the Hotel Vancouver, recognizing bravery in water-related rescues.

Dan Bergmann and his son Luke were out for a day of fishing on Peg Leg Bar on the Fraser River in Chilliwack last September.

Shore was also fishing nearby and was reeling in his line when he saw a man struggling in the river.

Shore’s naval training kicked in, and he yelled, “Somebody grab a rope! Somebody call 911!”

Dan heard Shore’s call from upstream and knew that help was needed.

He and Luke ran to their boat and headed for the commotion. A fisherman had waded out too far and was now 15 metres off shore, being swept into the fast-moving current of the river. His chest waders were filled with water.

Dan threw the man a rope, but that didn’t work so they got close enough for Luke to grab his wrists.

Unable to haul him aboard, Luke held him as Dan headed the boat to shore.

They rested on shore for 30 minutes then took the man to safety on the opposite shore to the applause of the crowd.

Emergency personnel took the man to hospital and he was released the same day.

Sadly, one week later a man drowned on the river at the same spot trying to help another man out of trouble in a similar situation.

More than 250 guests were expected to attend the awards ceremony.

The Lifesaving Society is a not-for-profit organization whose mandate is to reduce water-related death and injury. "