He Never Quits

Abbotsford Times March 25, 2005
Ken Henry

How far would you go to get on TV? Ron Shore has travelled 12,828 kilometers - so far - in an attempt to qualify for the hit reality TV show The Apprentice, including trips to San Antonio, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Idaho and Seattle (twice).

Each time he's failed.

Yet each time he's come back more determined to make the cut.

"It's like a hobby," said Shore.

"Other people curl, some go hiking..."

The Abbotsford businessman says he's been called tenacious and focused.

"Other people would call it eccentric;" admitted Shore, "Who wants to live a dull and boring life?"

Shore's has been anything but over the past year.

His journey began in March 2004 with an attempt to qualify for The Apprentice 2.

It was an interesting start.

Shore didn't complete his audition video until the night before it was due, so the next morning he booked a flight. But in true Apprentice fashion, he refused to pay6 full price. After scouting the cheapest round trip deal at $479, Shore negotiated with the airline staff for 25 minutes for a better price. Finally, after haggling with the manager, Shore says he was given the flights for $70.

Once landed at the airport, Shore had 50 minutes to find a cab, drop off his tape, then get back to the airport and fly home.

"It was wild - I almost didn't make it," said Shore.

Despite his efforts, he never heard back from the shoe's producers.

Since then Shore has applied for The Apprentice 3 and The Apprentice 4. In August he went to Texas for an audition. Then, five weeks ago, he went to Vegas. A week later it was Boise, Idaho (he ended up driving after missing his flight), and a week after that Shore drove to Seattle with eight friends and family members in tow.

When the show's producers walked in, Shore's groupies began chanting, "Ron Shore for The Apprentice."

"Everyone was looking around saying, who's Ron Shore? There was a buzz," said Shore, "It was amazing."

Still, no call back.

That didn't frazzle him though.

"I gave it my best shot, said Shore. "You need to enjoy the journey. Failure is going to be a part of life. The difference between good and great people is what happens when failure or road blocks come into your life."

"Great people never accept no."

But why go to all this trouble?

"Because working for Donald Trump would be the experience of a lifetime," said Shore. "He has done great things for people."

It goes deeper than that, however,

During the past three years Shore has watched nine loved ones die. He says it could have been the worst three years of his life.

"Instead, look at the memories I've created," he said. "I have no regrets. In the end, I don't care if I get on (the show) or not. Because if you truly focus on the journey, your failures fall by the wayside and you're left with great memories."

So his journey continues.

"(They haven't) heard the last of me," said Shore.

For the Apprentice 5 Shore ways he's going to bring 1,000 placard-waving people with him to Seattle.

"I will not stop. Either the show will be cancelled or I'll be doing this for three or four more years."