Anybody who knows Ron will attest to the fact that whatever he does, he pursues with perseverance and gusto. Whether it be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, applying to be on The Apprentice , training at NASA space camp, cycling across Canada or winning treasure hunts, he lives life to the fullest.

Ron did his MBA at the University of British Columbia. After graduating he partnered with an existing Telecommunications company specializing in long distance services to the British Columbia market. The business grew quickly as did the scope of the services offered. In 2004 Telesave bought out the existing partner and merged with a number of other companies in the same industry.

Ron became president and spearheaded the development of a number of initiatives including the design and engineering of a new teleconferencing service and consulting for clients on numerous other services including data networks, internet, landline, cell phone and other telecom services.

Working on behalf of clients to streamline their telecom services saves the end user a great deal of time and money. By using his experience and the experience of a team of 20 consultants to integrate technologies minimizes cost and time wasted for the end client.

With 20 years of experience in the industry Ron and his team at Telesave Communications make a very simple guarantee to clients. For every dollar we charge we guarantee a two dollar return. If we can’t make or save you money we charge you nothing. You can call Ron directly at 1-866-766-7467.

"Dreaming without action will always stay a dream. Dreaming with passion and action can change the world."

 - Ron Shore